Celebrating Theobroma 2020

World Chocolate day 2020

world chocolate dayToday is world chocolate day.

I’ve written about Theobroma or the food for the Gods before.

Chocolate dishes take me back to the time when my kids were young. Particularly Tee who loved chocolate pudding that I made and even chocolate mousse. When we have had our mother and daughter spat, she makes a wonderful cup of hot chocolate as a peace offering. To the date I do not know how she makes it.

This time I meant to track the political journey of chocolate, but then it is too tedious. But one cannot let such a sacred day go by. So sharing my comfort desert, and quick to make dessert recipe. It is almost as easy as vermicelli kheer.

This is one of my favourite dishes as its total cooking time is about 15mnts.

Chocolate Fudge.


400ml    condensed milk.

100gms butter

¼ cup     coca powder.

2tbsp.    Maida (all purpose flour.)

½ cup powdered sugar.

1 cup coarsely pounded walnuts.


Mix all the ingredients other than the walnuts.  To make a batter.

Heat on small flame till it begins to leave the sides. Fold in the walnuts and turn the flame off immediately.

Grease a plate pour this mixture on to it, and allow it cool. Cut into bricks and serve.

To give a dressy effect at times I have layered the walnuts on top.


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