Summing up the qualities of an Adept.

Mandamadhyama rupapi vairagya smadina

Prasadena guroh seyam pravrdda suyatephalam


Half hearted and mediocre aspirations in a seeker may also bear fruits as the grace of a Guru increases its merit and by the means of renunciation, calmness and so on.

A mediocre person might get elevated by being exposed to a guru. A guru can inspire the half hearted and the mediocere. The interesting part is that a guru cannot choose who to distribute the knowledge nor can he decide this is what the student will learn. It is the quality of the student his dedication to self realization that allows him to gain the knowledge.

I remember a story from the Upanishad, where a guru tells his students when they leave his ashram, that go to the banks of the river pampa, and you will find three stones, take them with you and it will take care of your needs. Three students go towards the bank, the first one says, the knowledge that guru has given me is sufficient to help me generate the wealth for requirements. So the two of you can have my share. The other two go their way. Agreeing to meet after few years.

A few years later the three of them meet again on the banks of the river. The first one, is satisfied with life, as he predicted he used the knowledge he gained to teach others and help people find solutions to their problems. The second one was still struggling, he was barely making ends meet, “nobody is interested in the knowledge that I gained in the ashram, the stones that the guru gave was also only black stone.”

The third one, was wealthy he came wearing silks, and got costly gifts for his friends.  He thanked the Brahmin friend for giving him his share of the stone. “ I cleaned the stone and applied what I learnt from guruji in cleaning the stones, the stones turned to be gems, I sold it to the goldsmith and set up my own business. Lakshmi has been kind to me because of my guru’s grace.”

So each one just picks up what he can understand. The same goes for self realization the 4 essential qualitites that allow self realization follow one another. Mastering one, allows the mastery of the other the four qualities being viveka, vairagya, sadsampatti and mumksutva.

There is an amazing emergence of the Guru cult. People do ridicule it to frank so did I. But as I read the viveka chudamani, the grace of the guru does not depend on the guru, it depends on the capacity of the individual. It depends on what is that the adept seeks. Greater the development of the qualities the more grace one receives from the guru.

Vairagyam ca mumuksutvam tivram yasya vidyate

Tasminnevarthanavantah syuh phalavantah samadayah


Calmness and other practises have their meaning and they bear fruits indeed, only in him who has an intense spirit of renunciation and yearning for liberation.

Quite often we take judgemental stand, morals, and other things well Vedanta is not a training in morals and ethics. It aims to create an ethical and moral atmosphere in the psychological field of the neophyte.

Unfortunately the study of shastras has now become an intellectual exercise instead of personal practise. Lot of self righteousness is also creeping in, with I’m superior as I perform my dharma, I do charity etc. Etc. I’m not negating the merit of these practises, but then one would need to go into the space of Karmayoga and do the karma with absolute equanimity and dedicate the fruits to the universe.

Eta yormamdata yatra viraktavamumuksayoh

Marau salilahvattatra samadherabhanamatrata


 Sama and other qualities become as ineffectual as the mirage in a desert for him who has weak detachment and yearning for freedom.

A person who is able to detach himself from the desires of the fruits of his work, for whom liberation is not a trophy but is the destination can do self work with dedication.


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