Orange Cake

I’ve landed with a batch of sour oranges, the best thing I could do was to convert it to something more edible. Marmalade was of course the first option but with apple jams, and God knows what Jams it seems a bad idea. It was ages since I made fresh fruit cake, and I definitely had not made it in the microwave. I pulled out my old recipe, and tweaked it a little with blogger Swasthi’s help.


1 ¼ cup maida.

½  cup orange juice.

½ cup orange zeal.

¼ cup butter melted.

200ml condense milk — My favorite is Mithai Mate from Amul, But Nestle’s Milkmaid works equally well.

2tbsp. sugar

1tbsp. Vinegar

1tsp.      Baking powder.

½ tsp. Baking soda.


  • Preheat the microwave at 170oC
  • Grease your baking tin.
  • Sieve the flour, baking soda, and baking powder.
  • In a vessel melt the butter do not allow it to clarify.
  • Take it off the flame when it cooks, add in the orange juice, zest, condense milk,sugar,and vinegar blend to mix well, but not overtly.
  • Now fold in the sieved flour.
  • Pour into the cake tin and tap gently till the bubbles are released.
  • Baked for 20mnts at 170oC

Ease out the cake when it is cold.






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