Kodi saaru… or the rasam made of horse gram is a wonderful energizing drink to handle the chill of the rain or the mild winters of the coast. There was Kodi-vaggarane, and something else that I don’t remember.


‘Kodi” is the Tulu name of what is popularly called “hurali” in Kannada, and horse gram in English. Its scientific name being Macrotyloma Uniflorum.

1 cup kulith

Kodi-Kadabu or horsegram Idli served with snakegourd chutney

1cup urad

3 cups rice

Soak for 6-8hrs.  Grind and ferment over night steam wrapped in Banana leaves. I served it with tradition chutney made of snake gourd seeds.

This was quite popular earlier and is still very popular in the Kumauni cuisine. They make choley, daal makhani, and khichdi out of it.

Evidences of cultivation of horse gram since 2500BC have been excavated. Nutritionally it is quite potent and is very popular in the diet of the mountains and in lot of Ayurveda prescription diets. It is known to decrease insulin resistance, it is an anti-hyperglycemia, particularly reduces postprandial hyperglycemia. The nutrition value of Horse gram or Madras gram is

57.2% carbohydrate


5.3% dietary protein

0.5% fat

287mg/100gm calcium

311mg/100gm phosphorus

6.77mg/100gm iron

0.4mg/100gm thiamine.

0.2mg/100gm riboflavin.

1.5mg/100gm niacin.

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