A Goliath Called Science.

It is one of those days – Auntie Acid has attacked. All the inner children within are going amok and I have toppled from my supreme state of bliss and landed down on ground rationality.

Someone in one of the groups that I’m signed on to commented how her little one was disturbed by the “buri-nazar” or the evil eye cast, and how she nullified he ill-wish with something our ancestors did. How there were things that were beyond science. Like I mentioned before suffering severely from an attack of PedenemOsteum “(foot-in-mouthitis) I declared and I stand by it that people in that conversation had to relook at their definition of science

Mathematics is the most creative subject, as is science. Why would I say it?  That is a post for another day.Science on a random understanding is knowledge or a system of knowledge covering general truths or the operation of general laws especially as obtained and tested through scientific methods and it concerns with the physical world and its phenomena.

When Pakkadmane-Parimala aunty is talking about how each time, subbakka says “child looks so happy the child becomes cranky” she is talking from a space of her knowledge, as opposed to my ignorance of this component. Parimala aunty’s take on Subbakka’s evil eye satisfies the second definition of science which is, “the state of knowing: knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding.

When subjects are studied as systematized knowledge then we get to the science of the subject. Like the science of theology. Science is essential when something has to be studied. Various verticals are identified and studied scientifically and then woven into a matrix which allows us the total understanding of the subject.

When we talk of knowledge or a system of knowledge concerned with the physical world and its phenomena we are referring to natural science.

When I blend the knowledge gained from systemic study of objects and apply it in a practical sphere then we are blending science with art, life or whatever.

In essence what I am saying is science is the tool to access knowledge so if something is beyond the purview of science it simply means the systemic study of that object has not happened.

As an adhikaprasangi (the authentic manifestation of a scientist) I would begin with the hypothesis, and then I will collect evidence to prove my hypothesis, let us look at the simple example…

When subbakka looks at baby Bhavana Baby Bhavana howls, then her mother has take a fist full of salt and rotated it anticlockwise over her head. Or whirls dry chilli clockwise whatever the simple science behind is more to do with body language and energy

The mother’s belief system activates her threat perception which translates into her body language the child senses the mother’s insecurity and gets disturbed when the mother takes steps to deal with that insecurity, she is reassured her body language. This is proven science by 2013 study by psychiatrist Cohen and et.al.

Curses of the ancestors do visit their children generations down the line, the belief can be proven by the laws of epigenetic which is the science of genome behaviour. Each time we face a stress, emotional or environmental the methylation of the DNA occurs causing an alternation of genome behavior. This altered genome is inherited by child. It is interesting that the male child is more effected by the altered genome. It is even more interesting that good maternal nutrition can reverse methylation.

At the end of the day science is pathway laid down to understand postulates. If path one is blocked then we look at path two, so what fails is the path but not the journey so what is limiting is our belief of science and not science. science is precisely what its Sanskrit nomenclature states “Vigyana’ that is vishesha gyana.

BTW  here is a link to something on superstitions. https://plinkyprompt.wordpress.com/2017/06/21/kuwabara/

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