The Covid Odyssey

It was earth day on April 22nd..

With COVID-19 causing public health lockdowns around the world, Earth Day, the planet’s largest civic event, went entirely digital for the first time in its history. On every continent, in dozens of languages, humanity celebrated our shared home.

We resolved that after the COVID-19 pandemic ended, we would restore our Earth to a cleaner, fairer, better world for everyone. It is one more resolution going up the hot air.  We back to square one.

Covid-19 has travelled around the globe, creating fear, panic and chaos a year long journey, now it mutated in its current form Covid is an inspiration for EXCUSE...from work, commitment, whatever. One would like to talk about

  1. Disturbed sleep
  2. Anxiety
  3. Panic
  4. Hysteria
  5. Depression, a sense of hopelessness
  6. Irritability
  7. Reduced confidence
  8. Inability to focus and concentrate

Whatever else you want to add to the list. But essentially what Covid did was made us aware of the elephant in the room.

From where I see it, Covid has brought us to a place where life has to be understood and experienced. We became aware of it, abruptly…since we refused to signs before. We have responded to the crisis with helplessness and hopelessness.

 Most people slipped into their zones

Some went into a fear zone the Tamasic space looked at

  • Lack and went to panic stocking… their survival was threatened.
  • Took to devouring all information that sustained their panic. Spread negative news.
  • Constantly complained, blamed and took to find a savoir.

Some went into a learning zone a very sattvic zone.  They did a whole lot of introspection, figured what works eliminated things that did not work, learnt new survival skills where necessary. We recognized and acknowledged our emotional zone. 

Some went into the Growth Zone the rajasic zone … of taking stock and looked from the point of view of contributing.

People became reactive or responsive depending on the emotional, intellectual and spiritual spaces they were in. That is to say each person awakened to their state.

Talking in terms of chakra’s we are talking about

Fear— the root and sacral chakra connect. (Muladhara and svadhistana)

Learning – the solar and heart chakra in charge. (Manipura and anahata)

Growth – the throat, third eye and sahasra chakra in charge. (Vishudha, ajna and sahasra)

The Covid manifested as respiratory issues. The collective consciousness has kind of got choked. We clogged our emotions, our arteries, the migratory pathways of birds and animals, restricted the rooting of trees and curtailed the spread of tree branches. The collective cellular grief manifested as a respiratory condition triggered by a sub-cellular being.

The resolution would come from karya that is action… any kriya or act should begin with sankalpa or setting the intention. Then we go about healing ourselves and the earth from our space of awareness. Which is a post for another day.

A sincere thanks to Dr.Yuvraj Kapadia for the valuable guidance and insights he provides and inspires.

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