Of Blessings and Beginnings.

It’s July 24th by the Gregorian calendar, the uttara ashada nakshatra, full moon of the month of Karkataka.

Pan India celebrates it as Vyasa Poornima or Guru Poornima

my decorated “hostilu” for hoslu habba.

Tulunadu celebrates Hoslu habba, the honouring of the hostilu or the small divider that divides the outside and inside of a house. This has its rituals too. Which I shall share some other time.

Our family honours my father who left his physical body this day. For me it is an all the above day for my father is and has been my friend, philosopher and guide. Unlike Neale Walsh who has conversations with God, my conversations are with my father who has left the Earth School.

I could write about the other the events rather I was planning to when my Kabala study group sent me the wishes for Tu B’aV sharing the significance of the day, which to me was very important.

It’s probably a very appropriate day for this celebration to enter my life.

Tu B’Av is the 15th day of Av.

The Mishna declares Tu B’Av a joyous holiday from the days of the Temple in Jerusalem. It marked the onset of the grape harvest which ended with Yom Kippur.  young girls dance wearing white garments on both occasions. Interestingly the garment is a borrowed one, so that someone who does not have one is not embarrassed. Both the Talmud and Talmudic give various reasons for the festival. The Rabbi in my Kabala group explained this that Tu B’av was not just a celebration. It was also a space where we could acknowledge the complexities of love. There were mothers who shared the joys and pains of motherhood. There single mothers sharing their trials and triumphs.

In my group was a recently divorced friend. The divorce happened after 30yrs of marriage and two children. The festival gave her the space to mourn her loss. the wonders and trails of love as experienced by various generations are shared, some long for it, some mourn it, some relish it, some question it, some fear it, while others embrace it.

image courtesy google images.

The Rabbi who helps through the group came with a very interesting concept,

She had us get a few things:

  • A token that represented our trail or challenge with love in the year gone by.
  • A white garment to exchange with someone.
  • A bowl of sprouts which are just sprouting shoots.

We then gathered in a circle, she place a pot in the centre. Each of us shared our trials, lamented, vented anger, released whatever we had to and this token was placed into the pot. We went out to the garden interred the pot. Said our prayers. Over this we planted the sprouts.

The next hour we danced to our heart content, and partied.

The experience was so wonderful. Tu B’Av is not just about love, it is about relationships, match making and new beginnings. It is about letting go of the old and moving on in life.

I’m humbled by what the universe gave me this day.

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