Musing over the Republic of Musa Acuminata

Sometime back Tomichan had enquired about banana republic. I think he wanted to know if banana republic’s grew banana’s  the ideal answer to this, is if ‘banana nahi hai, toh  banana grow karne ke liye garden banana hai”

But why banana? I would want  to be on a ‘go banana diet” since that movie ‘Go banana’  in 1960 in Americanism it has come to mean, going crazy, or turning insane, or exploding with anger. None of which I want to experience. I remember during Rajeev Gandhi’s heydays, he used to go to on ‘yeah banana hai’ ‘ woh banana hai’ eventually the people would snigger that we are becoming a banana republic. Hail Mary what on earth is  a “Banana Republic”

Republic I know is a government having a chief of state who is not a monarch. And in modern times the chief is a president. Banana republic applying the lessons learnt from Rajeev Gandhi would mean, ‘ a republic in making”   

Can you imagine what would happen to this kid of the banana republic, the banana flavour of his/her conception, and the banana theme in death! Now the entire world and her husband appear to conspire against him. The universe, or Madam Fate would have some sort of master plan meddling with life, Bananas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Banana yarn fabric for clothes, and god knows what… the poor person must be going bananas dealing with all that …

Off the rack Bananas are world’s most popular agricultural crops after rice, wheat and corn with over 100 billion eaten yearly.  So banana garden banana may not be a bad idea.  If you cannot market those bananas off we can always convert it to the banana republic drink.

This is:

6 oz. Of rum

2 splash of ginger ale

6 oz of mango juice

2 bananas

1 cherry

1 can of pineapple juice.

 For more details you could probably check the site 

To grow bananas or not… to go bananas are not is a different issue… the nation can know it gone banana when it is politically rather unstable, and its economy is dominated by one product that is controlled by foreign capital. So leaning right or left is not an option, dialling the right cousin is.

belated #392 post.

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