Purely Purrsonal

So, we meet again… I heard the voice but could not really see anyone, until I saw this cat stalking me unperturbed. He was perched atop of what looked like a mountain of bones, it turned out be white PVC pipes, however it looked at me and I wondered at the secrets that could be lurking behind its yellow eyes…

I knew better than to ask it who it was, or what its name was… “come to me” was the maximum I could mutter. The cat wrinkled its nose and looked rather unimpressed, “calling cats,” it confided, “tends to rather overrated activity. Might as well call a whirlwind you might succeed.”

Jan 22nd kind of stresses me I never know what question my cat is going pop up to me. I tried pretending to fall asleep, the purring sound became incessant. It slowly increased its volume till it became an audible ‘me…aa..ow”

‘Hope you are done with your catnap’ smirked the feline and I’m still trying to figure why am I the chosen person to understand the Cato-phony purrfectly!! 

‘Lets get on with it’ I sighed.

‘I need a lawyer’ the cat replied.

‘Well kitty, it is not a conversation we are having here, you get to ask a question and I answer it”

the cat smirked again, its look said just look at this human, she thinks she is the lord of the creation. …but we know that we are… have you ever seen cat feed a human? Coming to think of, have you?

in the meanwhile, the cat enquired,” do you know how to engage a lawyer?’

“Who needs to engage a lawyer?”

“You are the one who said no conversations, anyway for your clarity I do”

‘And why if I may ask? It might help me get you one”

‘I’m kind of contemplating sending humans a legal notice for mis-representing me”

‘Oh! You would need to be a little clearer”

‘Lets do an experiment purrson… I throw a word and you give me its meaning”







Pussyfoot –sly…sneak quietly

Pussy …. Censored.

‘Lionheart is brave… but pussycat is what you call a wimp. Think of it, lions and tigers are extinct we are still there living … on our terms”

Actually, coming to think of it fanciful though I might be if a dog could talk it would be verbose and gauche will a cat would not speak a word more than what is necessary. Bastet the Egyptian cat goddess represents intelligence and ability to survive adversity. Scandinavian goddess Freya is associated with cats for fertility. Hindu goddess Shashti is a Cat form who supervises childbirth.

‘Since you have not answered my question about the lawyer and you owe me an answer how about why are you humans so scared off us?’

‘Well, ‘sighed once again, probably finding the lawyer was easier, ‘let me try, probably because you can see in the dark and we cannot…so humans fear darkness. Moreover, most cats are agile, both in body movement and response. In other words, we cannot control you. what we cannot control we fear’

‘Makes sense… so you are cowardly cat…’

‘You said it buddy not me’

‘Well, purrson, we are cautious no doubt, but we are also aware that the spirit and physical worlds are not separate so that makes us comfortable. We make ourselves comfortable but we do not own…”

Before the cat could go into anymore philosophy I said, “next time you stretch on someone’s device type out vakilmitra you will find your lawyer there. If not before this evening remind me, we will find you a lawyer on it.”

Phew that is a relief till next January 22nd.

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