Aloo Always

Centre stage #24

its one of those days, I am comfortably parked in Mango Meadows with the coffee from CCD dispenser. 

“a’looo” was the greeting when I answered my phone. Here I was desperately trying to block visions of aloo kappa and French fries not mention a warm potato soup.  For a minute I wondered if Rohit Shetty was promoting Welcome 3 but the voice was definitely not Nana Patekar.

Coming back to the ‘Aloo that blasted my tympanic membrane turned out to be the voice of a long lost classmate AlluKutti. AlluKutti was on a solo holiday (wonder if a solo holiday is called soliday like entrepreneurs on their own are called solopreneurs) she wanted to get re-acquainted with herself… but since she was on my home turf she reached out

Allukutti is a decent kind let’s face it anyone who loves potato is the decent kind. Of course, both of us like spiritual stuff. She the drinking kind and I opt of the spiritual food that delivers peas with every piece that you bite, you could choose to call it samosa. When AA means Aloo anonymous then I am definitely part of it.

According to my mother and her mother before her my fondness for the tuber is near pathological. But let’s give the potato its due, if your gravy is running potato can thick it, if your gravy is salt potato fixes it. The potato adapts and absorbs all flavours. When you are immersed in a book, its potato wafer that gives you company. When you want substance in your meal then potato stew it is. Want to be pampered then French fries it is.

Of course, being the good daughter as of now, and a good grand-daughter before I did join AA, believe me it was the best decision I ever took. I attended every session diligently and learnt to appreciate the self-care that couch potatoes, potato wafer addicts and French fry foodies do.  I learnt you could boil, grill, bake potatoes.

I learnt while other vegetables rot, potatoes grow eyes, they want to see. That makes potato a vegetable that has a vision.. People with a mission are Missionaries, people with a potato are visionaries. I know money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy potatoes which is close enough.

Its time to acknowledge that haters will hate, and potatoes will potate… AA stands for Aloo always and I’m thankful for the different ways I can eat my potato. You are probably aware that Tomatoes and Potatoes are lumped into the same genus a food the reputation of wide spread availability and ability to easily satisfy the oral needs. —

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