Sampati Sutra

It was my birthday, when I saw him/her for the first time. Perched on the ledge of the embarkment overlooking the river Mandovi. As I whizzed past the embarkment immersed in my own self-pity, it was almost as willing or rather challenging me to make an eye contact. Away from the rest of the visitors to the mangroves of Mandovi, this one. was commanding my attention.

Its almost a month now, and every person I see this lone visitor perched on the embarkment until I cross still willing me to connect. I secretly named this visitor to the Mangroves as Sampaati after the scavenger bird who told the Vanara where they had to go to find Sita.

Now Sampaati is become part of the familiar strangers of the road. I don’t know for how long. After all migratory birds migrate. Wanting to know more about Sampaati I contacted the ‘Salim Ali Bird watching club” I realized that I was seeing the Indian Vulture.

Vultures are culturally considered bad omen but isn’t it strange…. The kannada name for vultures is Geedaga which is the corrupted version of Garuda the mount of Lord Vishnu. Of course, maintainance requires removal of debris who better than the scavenger bird. That is precisely the message the universe gives us when we sight the vulture in our space.

So yesterday I took few minutes to listen what the Sampati had to say. It meant my energy body connecting to the energy body of Sampati. When I did there was tremendous peace. As it took me through its place in the food chain what is dead has to be removed, it was time for me to do it.

The vulture is about rebirth, abundance, positivity, good luck and most importantly Purification. 

As an animal spirit it is about patience, commitment, loving new challenges in your life. Again, possible only if we clean up the old debris.

When a vulture visits you in your dreams it is asking you to resolve your inner conflicts and purify your mind.

I’m humbled by the guidance that I received from the universe. Hopefully I can photograph my Guru Sampaati today. Of course, along with him, equally demanding is the white-headed eagle again the visitor to the mangroves.

2 Replies to “Sampati Sutra”

  1. Sampaati sutra – never read a more creative a really new interpretation, on Vulture. If dead and decaying is not removed then there will be no place for exuberant growth. Love ❤ your blog, Dr Sharmila

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