The Winged Messenger

Gently flowing Mandovi, she has risen up to the embarkment.

Breeze hitting the face again, the river called to Asahaya come into my calms, let the waves smoothen your pain.

Asahaya parked her bike sat on the embarkment gently dipped her feet into the ripples of Mandovi, the swishing water it was mesmerising. The temptation of immersing herself into the water and float in its buoyancy was really tempting. Floating on the gentle ripples was home.

It was then the grey heron swooped into the water, to perch itself self on the leafless mangrove stump.  It was a split second of eye contact the heron seemed to talk to her telling her learn from me the bird was in a very meditative posture, like it was introspecting, there total autonomy it had, with the flock yet independent. There was lot of patience to wait for the moment before swooping into the water for the prey. Her eyes followed the flight of the bird, the bird flew up and perched on the Banni tree.

Banni tree also known as the Shami Vriksha found by the river bank where steps were paved to enter the water. The tree that marked the outer boundary of a habitat, the tree that kept the weapons of the pandavas safe, the tree that takes away all the bitterness of life to enrich it with sweetness.

On the tree was her newest winged messenger the Eagle, with its focus, its sharp vision. The eagle that loved the challenge of the storm. The eagle that soars the vast vista of the sky alone. Asking her focus once again, after all it was her journey and Mahadeyi or Mandovi as she was better known was guiding her through these gentle messages. It was now for Asahaya to take the next step.

On one side was the poison of fear eating her, maybe she is Takshak tying herself to Indra for protection, until the mantra to bring in Indra with Takshak was called forth. She had to accept that there was venom within her, caused by all the anger that was trapped. This had slowly sapped away her innate strength and left her a prey to her fears and insecurity.

In the timeless… energy space, the water of Mahadeyi cleansed her, gave her the clarity that she was seeking, the heron telling her that autonomy is fine, so is being a recluse. The eagle telling her that when you fly with power you will fly alone, you can choose to battle the storm, and keep the Takshak within you dormant, or you could stay with flock and be Takshak’s prey.

Like the wise woman had said, Shukra… your ruling planet is about revival, aesthetics, clarity. The wisdom we gain with various consciousness Takshak or any of the great snakes arrive to tell us, there is a poison that has to leave and we are ready to move on to the next level.

This was the journey of dvaita to advaita, what is seen in the universe is also within us, we need to acknowledge the wisdom and integrate it to our present.

Asahaya would have continued musing, probably even gone back into the nurturing depths of Mahadeyi, but the evening traffic had begun, there were honks, road rages disturbing the tranquillity of the moment. She picked herself up and started her scooter.

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