Dedicated to the Turtles.

Today is the World Turtle Day.

Turtles are probably the oldest creatures having dealt with different aspects of turtles in my post sea turtle and homage to the turtle,

, maybe it is time to explore other aspects the presence of tortoise in folk and religious spaces. Also, in the world of science.

Symbolically the turtle stands for peace, resolution, protection, fertility and taking life slow.

As a spirit animal it makes a person wise, patient, determined, vigorous and flexible.

Generally, Turtles embody motherhood, wisdom, loyalty and spiritual growth.

In Hinduism, tortoise and turtles have slightly different spaces, as tortoise dwells on land and has a lifespan of about nearly 150yrs. While turtles are water dwellers and have a life span of about 80yrs.

Vaastu shastra considers having mud or metal tortoise-turtle auspicious. It believed to bring the blessing of goddess Lakshmi, it attracts wealth, blesses with good and long health. However, in the present day it is illegal to keep certain species of turtle and tortoise so mud or metal representation are used. The turtle is the second incarnation of Vishnu and is represented by straited shaligram that is raised at one end.  The tortoise made of mud or metal should be placed in the northeast or southwest of the house.

Carl Jung says turtles symbolize primordial chaos, and that all life grew from it.

Akapara is the turtle that bears the mount Meru for the Samudra Manthan.

Kurma Naadi in the yoga sutras is about steadying the mind and slowing the thoughts. Though the Kurma Naadi is referred to as the tortoise canal and placed in the upper chest below the throat, it is also believed to begin at the sacral region.

Lesson’s to be learnt from the Turtle:

  • Slow down – travel at your pace.
  • Peace is created within due to the slowing down.
  • Create your own protective shell.
  • Perseverance
  • Be brave and stick your head out, but not jut your head out recklessly.

Role of Turtles in Biodiversity:

  1. Maintaining sea grass habitat.
  2. Enriches the soil with unhatched eggs that disintegrates.
  3. Provides habitat epibionts.
  4. Maintains ocean floor Eco balance.
  5. Provides food for fish.

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