Incredible Power of Co-operation.

Competition is powerful to a point, but cooperation is what we need to strive for… it begins where competition leaves off.

 2nd of July was the World Day of Cooperative   which makes Franklin. Roosevelt’s above statement very relevant.

A cooperative is defined as the statement on the cooperative identity as an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspiration through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise.

What we are saying here is cooperatives are people centric, — of—for –run by members of the cooperative to realise their common economic, social and cultural needs and goals. These members could be customers, employees, users or residents. Members share equal voting rights regardless of the amount of capital they put in.

The enterprise is driven by values and not just profits. There is shared principle that every member has agreed upon to act together to build a better world with cooperation.

On an international platform it puts fairness, equality and social justice at the heart of the enterprise. This allows people from around the world to work to together to create sustainable enterprise that generates long term revenue.

As a cooperative is not owned by share holders but by the members, it allows the participant members to take control of their economic and social future by choosing the way the activities of the community are conducted. Profits generated are either reinvested in the enterprise or returned to the members.

This no longer a marginal movement. 12% of the world population is a co-operator of any of the 3 million cooperatives operating on the earth.

From the socio-economic-space to the space to personal development and ecology space is also about cooperation, and adaptability.

Our individual tastes, aspirations and interests are definitely not similar nor is it naturally harmonious. They could diametrically oppose and be antagonistic.  On the other… life of each individual is conditioned by the life of others that it would be impossible, even assuming that it was convenient to do so, it is not possible to isolate oneself and live one’s own life. Social solidarity is an inescapable fact.

One might assume that we all pull together…honestly, I hope not. Pulling together is the aim of despotism and tyranny authentically free will pull in all direction. In this difference we find cohesion and journey goes on. No one can make it to the top alone. It is the collective connected support or in words it is cooperation.





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