In The Quest Of A UFO

July 2nd was World UFO Day. I’ve written about this long ago in 2016 . However, I have time travelled too. This is where I stand with UFO today.

As a hypnotherapist and a regressionist, I have come across odd things, like past lives, alien lives etc.  then the famous question what is your take on Telepathy… ancient astronauts…Bermuda triangle…after all you believe in life after death.

I’ve given up on explaining it is about the belief of my client and not mine.

What! One of them exclaimed you don’t believe in anything? Again, it’s not my belief it is the clients.

My belief is in the subconscious. I observe, measure, reason with the beliefs that the impressions in the subconscious carries. Yes, some common narratives probably have me, confirm some of my belief but wilder things just stay that way.

Yet here I am writing about the UFO citing. Well let’s come to that in a while. The International UFO Day is an awareness day where people look for an unidentified flying object.  These are anomalies that are not fully identified or identifiable. But generally, UFO is defined as visible in the skies and not recognizable as any known natural object phenomenon.

This term was coined by US Air Force officer Edward Ruppel in1900s. apparently nine objects flew over Washington on June 24th, which looked like a saucer or a large flat disk. This of course is the inspiration for the imaginary alien space ship.

This day is dedicated to being aware of the existence of extra-terrestrial intelligences and rule out the possibility that we are lone habitants of the universe. The idea was also to encourage the US government to declassify the files on supposed UFO sightings.

At the end of the day, we do have a UFO problem after all.

We are not able to comprehend that UFO really means exactly that an unidentified flying object… essentially an object that we cannot really identify. To this we have attached paranormal and supernatural connotation. The end result is a UFO that is an alien spacecraft whatever…

Our mind classifies the unknown as unpleasant. We don’t like it, just in case we believe that we have outer space visitors we want to be comfortable with it… we read books, articles and grandmother’s tales on unexplained lights in the sky. But of course, this information leaves massive gaps, we fill it in with wild tales aliens who are threatening more powerful larger than life. We then throw in interstellar technology, government conspiracies.

If any one says he saw an unexplained light in the sky we assume that he is claiming to see ‘Jadoo” or E.T. depending on his age, social and educational background. Then we console ourselves ‘oh! What he or she saw was airplane…Venus…shooting star… we laugh at his credulousness and snigger at the UFO nut and giggle that condescending giggle.

Pause… he saw an unidentified flying object that’s just what he saw it could be a cricket…the Greek fellow who tried to fly… whatever.

So how does one celebrate this day…

  1. Go out for UFO sightings.
  2. Demand through RTI for declassification of UFO sightings.
  3. Turn on the television and watch Krrish series or Flash Gordon.

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