Guardian Goddess Of Parashuramakshetra.

Visiting Kota or rather Handattu, from where my grandmother hails, I noticed the image of Rakteshwari for the first time.

Rakteshwari Devi.

I was aware that Rakteshwari was Karavali, Tulu Nādu entity as I had heard of her in the various Paddaana’s or folk oral renderings. 

Since time permitted, I did look into Devi Bhagavata a more Brahmanical rendering of the Shakta cult which is predominate in the west coast.  Here the description goes that she is the aspect of Durga Parameshwari and her location is the pinnacle of the Sri yantra. 

The worship of Rakteshwari is seen along the Parashuramakeshtra.

Planet association is Mars

Locations are flowing river, forest and Kadamba tree.

Dakishnapratha or the Brahmanical version revers the calmer version of her as a not so important avatar in fact she has been quite forgotten by the Brahmanical cult.  If offerings are made in the Dakishnapratha then coconut and Kumkum is offered.

In the vamapratha, she is more ferocious and wine, meat and animal blood is offered.

She holds a sword in her hand to eliminate discrimination.

Worshiping of Rakteshwari releases negative energy in the shatachakra’s.

The ideal day to worship is sankramana (Sankranti) either on top of a hill or by the flowing water.

The chant is

om kleem rum rakteshwari namah

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