Fowl Play #inktober 16

The #inktober prompt for today is very interesting it is “FOWL” and me being a little challenged was confused between foul and Fowl rather a foul situation.

My friends Merriam-Webster assure me that fowl is a bird of any kind. Though an eagle fowl sounds foul!!

Well fowl could also mean meat of fowl used a food. Fowl could be to seek or catch or kill wild fowl. The most popular fowls that referred to as fowl are:

Peacock fowl from the Indian subcontinent which is symbolic got nothing much to say except grace and beauty.

Commonest fowl being the chicken hen and cock. These in your space basically ask you to focus and listen to your inner voice.

Guinea fowl is having more spiritual symbolism it is about adaptability, vigilance and new beginning. In the African shamanism these also represent fidelity.

The Geese are probably the most spiritually symbolic fowls. In a totem they motivate to seek your desire.

In a team if one goose is tired the next one takes over, they are about team work and each one has his or her role in the social structure which is revered.

The Geese as a spirit animal or totem animal allows you to navigate calmly through difficult and challenging situations.  Geese have the ability to protect you from the evil particularly water energy.  As your totem animal it awakens the strength and courage to face stress and hardships.

Geese are perfect when it comes to team work.

Faith loyalty, companionship is another of the qualities of geese as animal spirit. 

When a goose or a gaggle of geese appear in your space it is asking you to trust your intuition as you navigate the challenge that you are facing.

Fowls are symbols of good will and peace.

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