Lists Under the Blue Sky.

Its an amazing day today.

The sun did not rise in the west, nor did the Mandovi throw out gold and silver. Yet it has been such a peaceful day, since I had covered most of the things on my list without being distracted by the murder mysteries running on the television. I also realized lot of people do feel the same about completing the tasks on their to do list. Sixty and me actually shared an entire article on it.

My journey with lists began about 40yrs ago, my grandmother would write out things on the dining table with a chalk so that she wouldn’t forget it. Sometimes she would keep things, that would remind her of a task. An empty container on the dining table reminded her to shop for grocery.

My aunt (she is the bestest person on this planet) her rule is even simpler if it is not on the list, it is not done. She has not yet realized that she does this.

After being married for a while, I figured I was procrastinating particularly with the household chores, so I decided I will list and for every task done I will give myself a point, and tasks not done will be assigned negative marking. I also dangled a carrot; the day I make 100 points I will reward myself… guess what I did make 100 points only it was -100!

That’s when I gave up on lists, after all lists take away flexibility and all creative people need to be flexible right?

Few years down the line I did the Landmark Curriculum of living and guess what… one of the rules was if it is not in the list don’t do it. around this time, I came across she really helped me recover, I began with evening routines, if it is not on the list, it is not done. There was systematic distribution of work so one didn’t go haywire. It took me 30 days, and Fly lady has me flying since.

 As share all this I left out the most important list-maker how I hate to admit this but mama is always right.

Her listicle was interesting…

  • first would be the all the jobs that need to be done
  • importance and urgency in which it has to be done. She would actually write the priority number.
  • What can be delegated should be delegated.
  • If the work was outdoor, then the map which is the most convenient
  • Grocery shopping would be only once a month unless it was vital.

My only halo is I don’t get distracted by crossword like mom does (we won’t talk about the K dramas or solitaire)

Now at 56 I am comfortable a single to do list, that has my appointments, and whatever activity.  what I cannot do either I let go, or delegate.



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