A conversation With Universe.

All the hype is great ladies but at the end of the day


It is only the calendar that changes,

The job, the deadline, the spouse remains the same.

This was a New Year forward. Of course, I did attach a few LOL emoji on it went on to delete it.

Along the way I realized it was quite true, but spring cleaning was just as essential.

Though spring cleaning the middle of winter seems quite a misnomer, for that is what new year is all about celebrating the year that went by.

Grieving, if necessary, and the wisdom it brought.

Releasing the anger and bringing back personal integrity.

Finally sharing and co-creating with the universe as to what do I want for the year to come. Neither is this a to do list nor is it a resolution. It is just about conversation with the universe.

Maybe acknowledging the wisdom gained and integrating it so smoothen the path for the year to come. Something like a pit stop to peek into how much in line with our life plan we have been. Gratitude for the bounty received.

Probably that is where I begin,


  • For the good health that my family and I have.
  • For giving my family the strength to cope the passing of my father-in-law.
  • For both my kids growing in their personal and professional space.
  • For the wonderful time I had at Haridwar with my friend.
  • For the amazing finale of World Ayurvedic Conference.
  • For the New learnings.
  • For the amazing people in my life.
  • For the amazing opportunities coming my way.

My conversation of co-creation with universe would be, from the space of insights and challenges that I had over the year that went by.

Dear Universe,

Thank you taking me on board to co-create for my family. I get you want input.  I am challenged here… what exactly do you mean by family?

Strange it might be but the word family could mean the smallest unit of the society that is a couple raising their kids. Or it means a group of related animals/plants forming a category ranking above a genus and below an order and usually comprising sever to many genera.

Yours sincerely.

The universe replied…

 from inside we grow outside. What is within, manifests without.  The only suggestion that I can bring, is what is that if present in the year that went by, would bring you to your balance?

Awaiting your answer


Dear Universe,

(I began the letter, and was flummoxed… want? The clue was there in reply from the universe)

What would I like for my family in the year to come, we have 12 months to build. I had to look at what was missing. I finally could bring the right word…


Intimacy is not about sex or even physical proximity. Intimacy I realized over the past year is to create that safe space for us, to be ourselves scars, blemishes and all. Intimacy is bonding, conversing, of course there will be difference of opinion, and to weave to bring in harmony, this could mean walking half way, giving up without resentment.

To be able to do that, the first step would be, for me to have the courage to be me… my authentic self. That was the next thing I wanted for my family


Again, not from a moral space, but a state of being whole and complete as we are, and honoring one’s word as oneself.

that’s that…so off I went

dear universe,

thank you for the pointer I manifest intimacy and integrity for my family and me, in all what we do.

Yours sincerely.

The universe replied:

So be it.  you just need to follow few rules. The rules are simple:

  • Keep your promise and the agreement of the game you are planning.
  • Being true to personal ethics and values.
  • Honoring ones word as one would honor one’s own self.

With love

The Universe.

PS: granting you the power accept these.

Dear Universe,

I give my word that I will give it my bestest.

Yours sincerely.

Well, my dear then my dear the Universe replied…

Once the Word is given, and the commitment follows.
This is a partnership, so we work together.





2 responses to “A conversation With Universe.”

  1. parwatisingari Avatar

    Thank You it was essential to remind myself.

  2. Matheikal Avatar

    A great reminder about some essential things.

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