Many shades Of Joy.

#Day 6 Bloganuary


In know it is kind of too clinical but before dissecting myself to know what brings me joy I should be able to recognize joy.

If Joy and Roy were the boys next door and I called Roy Joy I don’t think either of them would find Joy in it.

when I say the word Joy the image I see is smile, energy and lot of visible movement.  The very next moment a picture of a warm cup of coffee, down pour of rains and chitti Babu’s fond memories playing in the background, my conscious mind tells, hello it is not joy but that is bliss. As though Bliss was a higher berth in heaven!

When we take a stand, we take a stand…what brings me joy. The first step in the protocol would be to recognize Joy.  When confused take an expert opinion, so as usual the duo of Merriam-Webster bail me out.

Joy is an emotion that is evoked by well-being, success or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires in other words it is a DELIGHT. The physical expression or exhibition of such emotion: GAITY it is also a state of happiness or felicity: BLISS

Merriam -Webster.

A joy is a source of or cause of delight.

Finally, it is also to REJOICE.

Now that is interesting considering, they are all shades of one another. Different ways of expressing.

Joy, I realize is very complex and deeply connected to sorrow. Maybe like Eros and Thanatos being two sides of the same coin. For they are our response to things that matter the most to us. Joy is the upliftment we feel when we experience on a manifestation of those things we hold with significant. We rejoice, celebrate and get energized by it. on the other hand sorrow is our response to violation destruction, or deterioration of the things we hold sacred.  It tends to drain us.

Another thing I realized as sift through, philosophy, and psychology that there are three areas that inform joy. They are growing into our authentic self, and living into our strengths that is AUTHENTICITY.

Growing in depth of relationships and contributing to others or INTIMACY.

Living more in aligned with one’s ethical and spiritual ideals or INTEGRITY

Probably the more we acknowledge and understand that drop that forms the ocean. The experience of joy deeply involves our connection with others. While Bliss does not need the other, we experience joy when we do the things we love to do, growing in intimacy, providing for others. When we are able to coherently engage with self, others and the value over laps is probably when we experience joy.

The ability of recognize those moments let us rejoice them. The more we open and accept others the more joy we celebrate.

Haa… with this reference I would acknowledge

Joy for is to express my delight through movement such that what I rejoice is will bring gaiety in others.

I am aware that I am part of the infinite, and resonate with the freedom of faith.

My delight     Hot chocolate.

I find Gaiety    in the laughter of kids.

I rejoice:         in the company of my family and friends

My Bliss:              is solitude and a book.

joy and it's many hues. Which is yours.






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