The Snakebird Messenger.

On he banks of Mandovi, each morning the birds are having some amazing conversations.

The scream of the eagle seems to say PAY ATTENTION IN NOW… guiding me through the maze of my thought until I could connect to my true self.

The next visit the Eagle brought a friend along the stork. Telling me start decluttering, clean up the mess.

All this while there was this quiet black bird with this wings spread and a long ‘S’ shaped neck. All alone perched on the decayed tree stump. I vaguely remembered saras pakshi but that was white. Anyway, that was when I discovered the dark version of the Saras, the Anhinga… also known as the ‘devil bird’ or the ‘snakebird’  this bird is perched, with its message.

Asking me to seek meaning in my recurrent dreams.

To come out of my feeling and not allow the negative emotions effect my life.

To have faith in my potential and transform unpleasant situation to my advantage.

There are times I see the Anhinga lift its head from the water, telling me to be myself and not fit in.

Sometimes the Anhinga visits my dream, to tell me to stop hurting people with my words.

Shamanism, or connecting with the animal world which is the third level of consciousness carries the ideology that we sacrifice our innate wisdom at the feet of our guide. We actually heal in communities and not in isolation.

The Snakebird Totem.

To mean this converted my loneliness and a state of isolation to connectivity. As I learned to hear each animal, birds more so as I sight them more I’m cared for, nurtured and humble. When at cross roads, I ask the birds. My winged guardian guides me. Humans are part of the creation and shamanism is a way of connecting to the whole.

Just to sum up, the Anhinga is asking to let the past go, do not worry about the future, pay attention to the now. In addition, it talks about patience and quick strike when the time is right. It is reminder to have faith in ourselves and focus on our goals.





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  1. Matheikal Avatar

    Thanks, Anhinga.

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