Rich River Flows

Ever thought of our relationship with money?

Money is God in action, it is the easiest form of energy exchange.

On its own money is neutral. But we energize it with what ever emotion we are dealing with. Every transaction comes with the energy that it is given and received.

There is happy money the money that we give and receive with Joy. This heralds a higher vibration.

Then there is Unhappy money when give and receive money with lot of negativities particularly with fear attached to it. As this money flows from the banks, can you imagine the outflow of negativity?

We are able to understand the flow of income and our expenses only when we raise the vibration of the money received.

Not good enough” is the major theme that influences people. Particularly who have parents or grandparents who grew up during the post war depression. Proving one’s worth. Increment incentives are all follow out of this. There is also great clamour for secure jobs, so medicine, engineering, law, banking seem good options.

So, the fear, and the limitations get handed down.

Healing this is about healing your entire money belief.

This is about allowing your Money-EQ that is emotional quotient in allowing your Money IQ that is knowing the math work.

A Japanese money healer says that Japanese have a word for this, it is “arigato give arigato receive” which translates to gratitude when you give and gratitude when you accept.

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