Page a day Karavaki decided to share the story of the recent person she travelled with in the train.

A nice quite young man or rather a middle-aged man. Through the conversation she was immersed her Brian Wiess book, while he seemed to be lost in random thoughts. As he glanced at her book, the superior smile flashed. She could almost hear him, “oh! One more of those pop-philosophers”

The train passed through Kasaragod and now approached Mangalore. The train quite emptied itself here, Karavaki expected her co-passenger to alight, but interestingly he didn’t.

She wondered what made her think of a pattern? The assumption that he would alight at Mangalore or the fact that he would be condescending at reading. The answer she realized was not in his observation, but

She was creating him creating her, and in her creation of him creating her she had she had created herself as ridicule worthy. This was not the first time, maybe it was time to hit the reset button.

Kavaraki pondered how would it be to write a story of her own transformation. What would it entail.

Karavaki wondered what it would include okay she came up with

  • Embrace the narrative arch. That is an observation of the pattern gone, and requisite to create a new pattern.
  • She would need to understand her protagonist and other characters. Of course, the protagonist here, was she herself. That meant lot of self-reflection, and self-inquiry.
  • She would have to face external and internal conflict, definitely for she would be altering her reality and it was understood that, the altered reality would disrupt others homeostasis.
  • She might need to break some conventions and cease being the good girl.
  • She would have to step into the unknown. Because, between, the blind spots, dark corners and unexplored spaces opportunities hid.

All of them seemed scary. The most difficult being stepping into the unknown. But she could do a dry run, by doing something that did not fit into her routine pattern. She could just for today probably drive back to Yeravda through a different route.

As a writer what was the mindset that she would need?

She would have to observe, listen and sift the information for the truth hiding within.

She would have to recognize truth and substance through superficial.

As a writer she would have to create possibilities and then use critical analysis to figure its viability.

Editing would be ongoing, editing, and criticizing they are kind of independent.

The question was if it was so difficult was, she willing to hit the reset button.

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