Finding Purpose in life

The realm of searching for the purpose or meaning of life, is not just on full stomach, or for poets and philosphers. Each of one of us has that dormant need which cloak with laundry, lunchbox and god knows what.

Our failure to find it is what causes our existential crisis. Our inability to find sense in things happening around us.

We probably find solace in books, movies that familiar people who share or mirror either our experience or that unacknowledged quest. The awareness of this need gradually creeps in, until one fine day we really acknowledge it. If not it just goes with us to our grave.

The answer to this vague restlessness is actually quite simple, again a tool that we have forgotten, that is take the right action with the given information you have. We just invest our energy in creating intimacy with another human being. It could just be a good morning smile or an acknowledgement of the other’s human existence.

All that we require is awareness.

  • If we have the ability to love life fully, love all life generously it enriches our heart.
  • Maybe you should just look around, the people, conversation what meaning did it hold for you? how much of people or event interface can we handle?
  • Think of an everyday object, from its creation to it reaching reaching you? Does it change the value of the object?

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