Tale of Two Airports.

We who are groomed at the Drone’s club do know a thing or two, though it  is not a commonly accepted fact, the transformation of information to knowledge to epiphany tends to happen at that “eureka moment” how it hurts that this Drone’s vocabulary has been copyrighted by the blighter called Archimedes if I am not wrong.

Any way sitting at the Hyderabad airport I sorely miss the entertainment provided by the airport staff of Bangalore or Goa. You don’t get to see those smartly dressed ground staff, clutching to the walkie talkie like it were the last life line of Kaun banega crorepati , calling out to people that would put the vision of an Indian Bazaar in a British Raj story to shame, the hustle of, ”passengers to Vijayawada or whatever wada ” is sorely missing.

That gentleman Nehru would be highly thrilled how his socialistic values have translated, think of this, the inherent vice of capitalism is unequal sharing of blessings, so we “Kingfisher airlines ”owned by Mallya so on and so forth,  never mind that the plane is constructed in a factory supported by ordinary taxpayer, never mind the road we take to the airport the Vayu-Vajra floated by the Karnataka govt. are all taxpayer sponsored, Mr.Mallya is the owner of Kingfisher..then the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries, so we have stinking toilets in the airport and messy floors. Not to mention hollering mothers and rolling kids.

Coming to think of it, we have not really evolved from a railroad station, its just that to reach airport we have to take a cab 20 miles out town no wonder literature guys do not say ,”as pretty as an airport”

Just so that I do not think that we have turned capitalistic, the announcer goes,

“flight 6Ewhatever from wherever will be arriving shortly”

“flight 6Ewhatever has arrived from wherever and we welcome the passengers.”

Bangalore Airport

“passengers travelling to Goa on indigo flight-XYZ, please proceed to gate 23,”

Guess what we could follow the announcement, I mean we could hear it and understand it…. the secret was revealed to me through a quiet SMS that Hyderabad is a silent airport, so we have no loud announcements, the boarding announcements are made at the right time and closed 25mnts prior to the take-off.

Hopefully we are finally evolving.

Where flights land.

this article is dedicated to brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright without whom air sickness would still be a dream~Dave Barry.


Thai airways B777 rudder

Like Honor Blackman. I hate everything about airports from getting there to taking off. 
I have seen very few airports, the Mangalore one it’s a pits on a hilltop.The goa one, is all set to drop you into the sea, the pune one well I was too groggy to note anything. the Delhi ones are scary. 
That makes me conclude that the Swarnabhoomi airport in Thailand is the coolest. 
I enjoy popping in to World Duty Free at the airport and trying out perfumes – I can never resist a new scent.~Lisa Snowdon, she isn’t doing anything new every airport loungers does it. That’s the fun part of swarnabhoomi they provide you great choice in this. sport of window shopping. 
I get pretty much all the exercise I need walking down airport concourses carrying bags,adds Guy Clark another valid point. 
But it is the airport parking that scares, me particularly after my then 5yrs.old daughter’s diagnosis of the twin tower tragedy”bad boy went to park aiplane, and big building go toot”