Where flights land.

this article is dedicated to brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright without whom air sickness would still be a dream~Dave Barry.


Thai airways B777 rudder

Like Honor Blackman. I hate everything about airports from getting there to taking off. 
I have seen very few airports, the Mangalore one it’s a pits on a hilltop.The goa one, is all set to drop you into the sea, the pune one well I was too groggy to note anything. the Delhi ones are scary. 
That makes me conclude that the Swarnabhoomi airport in Thailand is the coolest. 
I enjoy popping in to World Duty Free at the airport and trying out perfumes – I can never resist a new scent.~Lisa Snowdon, she isn’t doing anything new every airport loungers does it. That’s the fun part of swarnabhoomi they provide you great choice in this. sport of window shopping. 
I get pretty much all the exercise I need walking down airport concourses carrying bags,adds Guy Clark another valid point. 
But it is the airport parking that scares, me particularly after my then 5yrs.old daughter’s diagnosis of the twin tower tragedy”bad boy went to park aiplane, and big building go toot”

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