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  • Who Killed the Keynote address?

    Who Killed the Keynote address?

    Keynote address by the brand ambassador of blogging was to be a important event in the BNLF2 at VoW2017 Being a Toastmaster has its draw backs, until one is sure of the objective of the speech we do not speak. So being a brand ambassador meant I needed to understand what a brand ambassador did.…

  • True love. Absolutely top hole – I have to say.

    True love. Absolutely top hole – I have to say.

    “So do you believe in… true love? She asked. Shavina, looked at the girl in front of her, and took a deep breath, “I think I have to” she said discreetly blinking back the tears, “without it, we’re all going nowhere” she added. True love…. The first time Shavina had heard the word truelove was…

  • BNLF beckons

    BNLF beckons

    I am looking at BNLF, event,  if this was 2013 I would have turned my nose up and said in disdain, it’s for this kids who are trying to spread their wings. Still worse I would have looked at the name Preeti Shenoy and said forget it; she is a speaker then takes a walk.…