Who Killed the Keynote address?

Keynote address by the brand ambassador of blogging was to be a important event in the BNLF2 at VoW2017
Being a Toastmaster has its draw backs, until one is sure of the objective of the speech we do not speak. So being a brand ambassador meant I needed to understand what a brand ambassador did. Merriam Webster tells me that a brand ambassador is a person especially a celebrity who is paid to endorse or promote a particular company’s product or service. A keynote speech sets out the central theme of the conference.
Of course there was no place for the bloggers in the mainstream events of Valley Of Words. The only Bloggers were the paid content creators for event managers.
coming to Brand Ambassadors and Keynote speeches:
A brand ambassador has 15 mnts to deliver his or her keynote address, for those 15 mnts he becomes the temporary chief of the tribe. As the chief it would be his or her responsibility to educate, entertain and engage the audience. If we were part of the main festival it would have been a good idea to talk about BLOGGING, but when it became for the bloggers, by the bloggers of the bloggers, the theme maybe should have been defined.
Probably the theme was “my blogging journey.”
BNLF1 saw amazing array of speakers, even though one did not agree with them they had something to show for be it Preeti Shenoy or Kannan Gill. Each one of them was a good speaker too.
In the hall of BNLF2 there were audience with different exposures to the blogging world.
The keynote speaker here is expected cover right from what is blogging, to scope of blogging, to how does it work in my space, and how can it work in your space. The goal of the keynote would be to find the common thread between blogworld and the bookworld, like I mentioned before the temporary shaman shows the connect.
The keynote should be spun to educate, entertain and engage the audience. The listeners should have been exposed to path breaker bloggers, celebrity bloggers, images of previous BNLF, talk about the WeblogAcademy and how it all adds up to building a community.
At the end of the it all there should be a summary and take away.
The criteria for choosing a Keynote speaker is usually:
1. How relevant is the speaker to the theme of the conference.
2. Credibility of the speaker.
3. How engaging and entertaining is the speaker.
4. Logistics.
5. Cost.
This was meant to be a personal letter, but on second thoughts I decided to blog it, so in case any of us are in the position of having to either find a speaker or become a speaker ourselves there is some thing fall back on.
I am still left wondering what killed the fizz, was it the lack of purpose, was it inadequacy of the speaker, or was it our over expectation.

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