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  • Grade sheet 2016

    Grade sheet 2016

    #life lessons The year begins with the deafening sounds of crackers over Mandovi and we realize life is drudge when a normal 10-mnts zip down the drive turns into a 100-mnts stake out. Every channel goes berserk with proposals and projections and choose to call it hopeful prediction. Then comes Loveria the valentine’s madness the…

  • Moving Our Bodies Poetry In Motion.

    Moving Our Bodies Poetry In Motion.

    Shilpa shastra claims that Divinity can be experienced through words in the form of poetry. This Mahashivaratri I was taking a session for a few forest officers on Mudra’s. it was the open space at Dona Paula a space that I really love. Where the rivers Zuari and Mandovi meet the Arabian Sea. The session…