Moving Our Bodies Poetry In Motion.

Image courtsey Internet
Image courtsey Internet

Shilpa shastra claims that Divinity can be experienced through words in the form of poetry.

This Mahashivaratri I was taking a session for a few forest officers on Mudra’s. it was the open space at Dona Paula a space that I really love. Where the rivers Zuari and Mandovi meet the Arabian Sea. The session began at 6.30 am, at the end of the 40 mnt. Session the horizon was still grey but it had muted shades on orange heralding the emerging Suryanarayana … one of the participants requested that I perform the Tandava.  Since it was only my participants I did perform the Tandava and the exhilarating feeling I had was great I mean the sense of being one with the forces of nature was just too overwhelming. More than that it was the dynamics created by my own movements.

As I was dancing the participants began miming my movements at their own pace.

Have noticed children, when they hear any rhythm … anything whatsoever they respond. Each of claim oh! My child is a great dancer, well are all in a way, because our body loves flow and movement and respond in kind when used in this way.

During the period of dancing my body stretched, realigned and started to become fluid in rhythm in pace with the rhythm of the waves, this if internalized helps us to become fluid with the rhythm of life.  The mood lifts and the connect with the world around is more. Moving the body is a great way to release old energy that keeps us stuck, we are doing nothing very great except giving our muscles a chance to do what they were created for, long side with this, areas of our body and life also benefit.

Our life has become so sedentary that we remain seated at our computer for hours each day or rush from task to task with such robotic precision, checking things off our to-do list. We neglect the opportunities to enjoy our bodies in the process of living.

Through my journey of recovery resuming dancing of course was important but I have gradually incorporated tandava for 15mnts as part of my routine. Next month I plan to add running, the month after swimming and then gardening. Of course this does not mean I am stepping out of other activities this only means that I use various permutations and combinations, for self care. This includes sweeping and mopping, using the old grinding stone instead of mixer.

What I realized as I was recovering from ankle surgery, that dancing and handling the routine house chores like sweeping moping and grinding, made me trust my body movements completely. My bones and muscles strengthened and my breathing became deeper. It was like celebrating my physical presence in the world.

This birthday dancing on the hillock of Dona Paula this forgotten gift was unwrapped once again.

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