Wish list ter santa.

Its that time of the year, Advent, feast, carols, christmas trees, Just a little request to santa.

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santaHello santa,

I am pondering over my wish list for Christmas.

This letter is to  Santa Claus who sings and lives in the North Pole  and  not Santa Singh friend of Banta Singh.

I knew of your existences when I was a little girl at Manipal. You were there at the church ,giving us gifts and toffee, Christmas eve. We sang Rudolf the red nosed reindeer, and Jingle bells. Of course we did not ask for gifts or make lists, because those were not the days of flipkart or mall sponsored Santa. We did enjoy singing and then hogging the “eggless Christmas cake Ruby aunty made.”  Oh! Yes we did not ask for gifts, because were told it was rude to ask, and being rude meant not good behaviour so we automatically would be not eligible for the gifts, and also we were not sure if you knew the addresses…

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When you ask a mother of 23yrs, to share memories, you are creating Frankenstein monster.  These moments are there, they are the ones that root me to the earth. When I am down and lonely they are all there to nourish me back. When it comes to my daughters there are very few bad moments, …