Abundance We need in our livs in many areas like Time Space Resource Money Energy Passion. High quality of life has a lot to do with what we discard from our lives than how we manipulate time. Time management is an oxymoron. When we say time management we mean self management. Tough choice is not …

Heal Your Self – Book review

My Bookshelf

Love yourself, Heal your life work book.

Author:                  Louise.L.Hay.

Publisher:               Hay house

The book is exactly what it says, a workbox, it is a step by step activity of the book Love yourself heal your life.

It did take two exercises for me to get the hang of it. But after attending the Love yourself,Heal your life workshop conducted by Asma D’souza, the book became absolutely workable.

Of course how exactly one uses this book is up to the user.

About the author.  Louise.L.Hay the author of international bestselleryou can heal your life is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher with more than 50 million books sold worldwide.

addendum: Asma D’souza is contactable at her website http://personallyco.com

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