We need in our livs in many areas like

  • Time
  • Space
  • Resource
  • Money
  • Energy
  • Passion.

High quality of life has a lot to do with what we discard from our lives than how we manipulate time.

Time management is an oxymoron. When we say time management we mean self management.

Tough choice is not equal to no choice! People who claim that work eats into the rest of their life, do it at a cost, they have no personal life without work they would not know what to do with themselves so they will just bring back work.

One way would be to put work boundaries. I work from  X am – to Ypm. Thats it. There is also a time when phone calls, or work invaders are shut out, they can contact you after Zpm/am.  This way time siphoning   does not occur and if you are attending to someone that person gets uninterrupted time.

Money abundance  is only when we have compassion with ourselves. Most of us tend to be very emotional about money. But more than that we need to honour money. Actually the Atharva veda says that poverty is a curse, and every human being has to use his talent to create wealth and manage it.   That entails

  • Paying people on time
  • Balancing our cheque books our accounts.
  • Getting responsible.

Financial abundance flows when we can trust ourselves with money.

Another resources that we don’t have abundant off is energy.  we need to identify the energy drainers in our lives, the television, the emails, the phone calls, more important the clutter. One way of handling this is.

  • List all the things we want to do in life, including the big, ugly hairy ones.
  • Choose 3 goals and 90 days to achieve it.
  • When it comes to clutter. Divide your clutter into
    • D – do it, put a time and date
    • H – hire someone to do it.
    • C—chuck it.

Many people talk of procrastination. Then take support and work for 21 days, okay lets round it off to  30 days. When I say take support I mean have a running buddy, I check you on this, and you check me on that. You’ll amazed at what new energy opens up for you.

The most necessary but unwanted or rather amputated abundance is abundance of passion. Excuse me honey passion is not only about sex and relationship, it is about zeal and enthusiasm in what we do.  We need to do less, the music class, the x-class y-class sorority excuse me, mama you kid needs to find that passion of himself/herself. This requires a certain amount of introspection and time. Sometimes we might even have to go on a treasure hunt and pick clues to find out that.

Maybe what’s the  page you reach out to first in the newspaper, yes most of us do go to obituary  then what? More important why obituary what you are looking for there. Maybe creating a passion map helps.

Take a bunch of glossies and cut out every picture that reaches out you, or that you want to spend some time with, presto, there is your clue to what is your passion.

One thing we don’t realize is we do not have to do things for ever, for gods sake we are kids when we make our career choices, we can always shift. As to what people would say, ”well that’s their story. And you are here to live your life.

Many times it is just fear that stops us, but it is okay to be scared. Fear is our inner safety mechanism, we acknowledge it, thank it and go ahead.

Another emotion that we do not acknowledge is gratitude. The attitude of gratitude for every mundane thing really opens vistas. Try it out for 21 days and give me a feed back. 🙂

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