the reservation for women

The obsession with press prior to the IPL the women’s bill. One point everyone seems to miss is when we talk of reservation we talk of exclusion and not inclusion. The point is not to draw a line and keep some people beyond. At the end of the day if women vote women, the bill becomes irrelevant. Yet when we look around, lot of smart courageous or valuable women do not seem to think of themselves so. This is true of more so in women who are privileged and powerful. All the self help books seem to focus on external presentation, and those who talk of internal changes talk of the new age- spiritual ones. These in themselves could be a burden. We also have books and groups and counsels empathizing and sympathizing with the woman who is turning super woman, work front and home front, what if men want to stay at home, we look at them like deserters from the battle field. Many of them are killed by their work pressure because they have no life beyond it. The environment is not about “worse than” masculine colonial style or better than the colonized feminine one but is “as well as” At the end of the day  we have forgotten—who should matter most– the individual

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