the energy of honesty

Honesty is the best energy.

One tends to get drained by dishonesty, as it requires extra effort this directs our energy against the flow. This requires extra effort and that drains us.

As children most of us learn that honesty is better than dishonesty, we do not really question this, and bid by it without much thought.

As adults we can analyze our choice a bit more, when we speak the truth, we affirm what already is. Our choices become investments of energy with predictable risks and returns. When we speak the truth we affirm what already is. This s like used a paddle when the stream is already moving in the same direction. We already supported by the universe and its energy flow, so we don’t need to exert much energy, leaving more for other pursuits.

Dishonesty redirects a portion of our energy against flow, which requires extra requires further energetic in put to be maintained. So we can easily we see that we are best served when we worked with the flow of universe.

Life is not always clearly defined, so we may find it useful to follow our logical choices to their logical conclusion. A small untruth is like a crack that gradually weakens the building. It could something like giving someone a compliment or trying to protect them can create problems later when the alternate reality that we create becomes the basis for further action.

Since underlying foundation is not honest the honesty of the follow up action also remains weak, and things can topple anytime. Since lot of energy is spent on keeping things hidden, remembering the tales spun, and fearing the strain of being found out, all this drains energy from us and the reality that we would like to create.

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