Travel and Kids!!

travelling with kids takes on a new meaning with the kids age.

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with my daughter at Husainsagar with my daughter at Husainsagar

Traveller Kid,

Before I even tackle the questions posted in the happy hour, what  would be a vacation. To me, a period of suspension of work, study or other activities. It is usually used for a rest, recreation, or travel and of course a holiday.

Law courts and legislature set a side time from normal activities this regular feature is also a holiday.

So is freedom or release from duty business or activity.

So what are we talking about, a vacation with kids does sound like an oxymoron. When people go on vacation, they shed their home skins and think they can be a new person, and they call this a holiday.

It is definitely bad for maternal image to say vacation with kids is an oxymoron, though between you and me, i am not one of those mothers who take motherhood seriously, I do…

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Second Time Round

Miracles do happen, and Grandmothers, are the guardian angels of their grand-daughters. If my second daughter is all popular young lady today, I have my gynaecologist Dr.Kasturi Nayak to thank, I had gone for my monthly check up just before we left for the parking slot, she said let me listen to my grandbaby and …