Pathrode Dosai


Or colocasia esculentia.

Is a delicacy in udupi  cuisine. It is made in different ways. The large elephant eared leaves are de-veined and  spices are added. We have steamed, roasted version. Sometimes sautéed with spices, sometimes ground to fine chutney. My favourite is this Dosa version of this.


Colocasia leaves 6-8  take out the veins and chop finely.

Cups of rice soaked for 3hours.

½ a coconut scraped

A lime sized tamarind,

Twice the volume of jaggery (this can be scaled for taste)

1 tbs of coriander powder

1 tbs of red chilli powder

2 tsp of jeera powder

Salt to taste

Roast the coriander powder, red chilli powder, and jeera powder

 Grind all the ingredients except the colocasia leaves .

When the mix becomes a smooth paste, pour out and add the colocasia leaves,

Heat a griddle spread a tsp of oil,  pour a ladle of the colocasia batter and spread it thin.

Cover the griddle, flip over after 2mnts.

Serve hot with butter.

Ps : colocassia could itch.  You could substitute colocasia with methi leaves, or shredded cabbage. Onions also add flavour.

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