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  • The Informal Entrepreneur

    When we were in college we enacted a play, called the Kathe-swamy or the Ass-Seer, it was a tale of a dhobi whose only friend his donkey dies, and dhobi buries the donkey puts a head stone on it, one day a drunken unlucky prince falls over it, from the next day onwards his fortune…

  • The Whiff of Sunday

    The morning rush, Lunch boxes to packed, it is sight to watch mothers in terrible states walking riding the two wheelers to drop their kids. Some cases more visually presentable fathers do it. As we ride down the road, this is believe me between 7.15 and 7.45 am various aroma’s waft, some houses have the…

  • Spongy dosa

    3 cups dosa rice 4 tsps methi seeds 1 cup avalakki(beaten rice) 3 cups sour curd Salt to taste Soak the rice and methi seeds for about 2hrs. Grind with sour curd once the batter turns smooth, add in the beaten rice and grind further. The batter should be of dropping consistency. One ladle of…

  • Pundigatti

    A not so popular dish from Udupi kitchen

  • mullusauthe, sihi kadabu

    from India’s west coast town of udupi a sweet snack

  • Raagi roti

    From the kitchens of the Karnataka coast, one more dish though not very popular.