bariyakki dose


Bariyakki dosai

Another popular rural dish from the Udupi cuisine. This is an excellent dish for people who have to keep an watch on their cholesterol.


2 cups parboiled rice

1 cup fresh grated coconut.

Salt to taste


Soak the rice for 3hrs. then grind it with coconut to make an absolutely fine paste. Finer the better. Add salt to taste.

Now add water to make it really thin. It should be watery. The dosa’s can be made immediately.

Heat an oiled skillet and splash the batter on it. This dosa does not turn perfect  round as the batter is splashed.

Neither is it flipped over and roasted like all other dosa’s.

This is eaten with what we call as hoorna. Or mango pickle


1 cup scraped fresh coconut’

½ cup grated jiggery. This is varies with individual taste.

Powdered cardamom.

The above the ingredients are mixed well.

Hoorna is eating with all dosa’s  particularly by children.

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