Raagi roti

Ragi roti

Ragi is very rich in protien and also a natural coolent. There are different ways of making this. My mother who learnt it from my paternal grandmother makes this one with only Raagi.

I prefer the crispier one that my maternal grandmother makes.


1 cup Raagi,

½ cup parboiled rice.

1tsp.pepper / 2 green chillies

1tsp Jeera powder

Asfeotida a pinch

Curry leaves, coriander leaves finely chopped

1 tbs scraped coconut.


1 onion


Soak the raagi and rice for about 3 hrs.  drain off excess water, add salt to taste, pepper/green chillies, jeera powder, asfeotida and grind to a coarse paste.

Add finely chopped curry and coriander leaves, and onions if you are adding them

Heat a skillet, pour a drop of oil and spread the oil, when the oil smokes, pour a scoop of batter, flatten it as thin as you can. Cover and let it cook, then turn it over and till the over side roast.  Take it out serve it hot with  chutney and butter.

My gran is used to serve with a dish called sasive.

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