hare and tortoise

The tortoise and the hare.

We are all told this story as kids, how the hare lost out because he was over confident. The focus of the story is always the hare.

Just in case we do pause to give the tortoise his due its that oh! He was stead fast. It is always patronizing.

Thinking about it all theĀ  tortoise I think deserves more credit:

  • Without the tortoise the hare would have no one to race.
  • He accepted the challenge knowing fully well that he would loose. He must have been ridiculed or counseled against committing hara-kiri
  • He gave his 100% again knowing well that he was doomed to loose.

I like to think that the Tortoise won, because he was willing to risk, he was willing to dedicate himself, and not because the Hare was over confident.

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