handloom from udupi– udupi kaimagga

handloom sarees from udupi
handloom sarees from udupi

Udupi kai-magga

Or the udupi handloom once for a flourishing business.  Like the ilkal and other handlooms udupi handlooms had an identity of its own.

The weavers network started in 1938. People from far and wide came for it. The advantage of this kind of weaving being the counts are close and with wash the saree gets softer. The udupi handloom has been known for its durability along with the comfort of wear.

Their products cover a range of sarees, towels Lungi’s and bedsheets.

The rapid changing lifestyle of the decade has hit the weavers badly. Their children have opted for education that does not give them the skills for weaving.

in an attempt to revive the weaving skills and technology the govt. of Karnataka has set up two training centres one at Halliholle and one at Kollur. The rehabilitation of the indigenous Koraga tribe has been routed through this. Each trainee gets a stipend of rs.2000/- a month . with the weavers association has now a new challenge ie marketing.

They are wary if celebrity patronage as the pricing  automatically shoots up the product then becomes inaccessible to the masses.

The chairman of the weavers association noted that the recent order by Ms.Mamta Banerjee for a training program she had ordered 300 sarees was a big boost to the morale of the weavers.

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