the cattle fair.

Nimmoora bandiyali nammoora bittaga sagidudu dari begaa

villagers going to the fairIs part of the Mysore mallige poem. 

Yesterday as we travelled by road  from goa to dharwad it was a pleasure. It was the first time that my husband was driving this distance.

On our way at Kalgatgi we saw the cattle fair (unfortunately  my husband did not allow us participate) it is every Tuesday.  Cattle fair is something that I have never been to. There were sheep, cow, buffalo, and bullocks, there were also vegetables, fruits and jowar.

photo by Jahnavi Koushik
going to the fair

The great natural farming touted by Amway is the traditional system of the dharwad farmers. The sheep and goat grazers are invited to stay at the field before the farming procedure begins. The shepherd is paid for this, the goat and sheep graze the fields cleaning it up and rest the night the morning finds the fields covered with manure.

The only fair I have seen is budhawarada santé at udupi and the guruvaara santé at Kunjaal, the kunjaal one was very fascinating with bangle sellers, really affordable nail paints and lipsticks, the hideous plastic accessories.

My grandfather would give us Rs.5/- each to shop there and we really felt that we “oh! So grown up”Fair at Hebri

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