volunteer fire fighters day

The US of A has a list of funday’s that honour various events, thoughts beliefs, and people. Yesterday was also the day to honour the volunteer fire fighters.

The scenario in the states is the same as everywhere, the govt. funds are not enough to have an effective fire fighters department.

So the communities have taken on to ensure their safety by chipping in as fire fighters. This is voluntary, so they do expect to be paid.

What makes these people volunteer?

  • A need ensure security.
  • In younger kids a thrill
  • A give back time to the society.
  • Of course youngsters pick up career credits.

These people go through the regular fireman’s training and drill. They are certified too.  They accelerate into action when their radio’s buzz, yes, most of them are on citizens radio. Those who cannot actively participate help out in fund raising and first aid care.

In India post Tsunami, and Lathur we have NGO’s who are into disaster management, that deals with earthquakes, tsunami, floods, but no voluntary fire fighting here.

Vajra security services at Delhi offers this service but it is not free, it comes at a cost, still something when the fireman is not accessible.

For despite the rules that every municipality should have fire fighting services this code is not met.

When I say abdicated our responsibilities as citizens, we complain about the lack of service, but would we dare volunteer?

This is an ode written by someone dedicated to the “Brotherhood of dance with the flame”

You fight the fires, you smell of smoke

Your bones are tired your are soaked

You do your job the best you can.


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