Gizmo in my family.

technology can make life and living more comfortable.


Family picnicking under a tree

An early morning interview with the icon of the Millennium Amitabh Bachchan by young twenty know all,

She went to gush how everyone is talking about being techno savvy, at this age.

Mr.Bachchan had a very simple statement which I found was very profound. “If you have to talk to someone next door, you just go and knock, but if you have to talk to someone on the other side of the town then earlier days we took a bus, or wrote a letter, later we called. Today if I have to communicate to my granddaughter the simplest way is chat. When I interact with her, I am passing on my experience, values. It also provides her a safety net. My granddaughter motivated me, once you go online, then emails, online games blogs are part of the game.”

I think that is an excellent attitude. My grandfather when he was alive in his mid eighties learnt to play chess since my mother who he lived with did not play chess and father had no time.

Aunt Thilaka and Uncle Nagaraj, in the late sixties, wake up, electric coffee filter on, by the time they brush, coffee is ready. The maid not turning up is not an issue either, the washing machine, dishwasher, takes care of things.

Senior citizens, of today I see have adapted the technology to blend with their needs, of lot of them are cribbing but most of them find that it can make life easier, bring families to together. My teenaged daughters think their grandmother is great, as she speaks their language,(its cheating her she is a gizmo freak physics teacher.:)) drives a two wheeler, they hope they can be like her when they get to that age.

As Mr.Bachchan mentioned the security of some being there is great.

I am referring to the senior citizens since they seem to moan the invasion of the computer, its just how you use it.

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