Robinson Crusoe day

For all of us who thought that Robinson Crusoe was a piece of children’s literature, well it is a prototype of a novel that has attracted historian, economists, political scientist and philosophers. Since it focuses on the basic human needs, social organizations, and religious opinions all that encompasses the civilized man,
The slave and master interaction of Crusoe and Friday is an undeniable truth of the Caucasian attitude.
Over the years it has inspired people to look for the existence of the real island. 1927 Hubbard who traveled to Tobago found that several people claimed that there grandfathers had known Robinson Crusoe in flesh.
But it is more likely that a remote topical island of Juan Fernandez near Venezuela could be it. For on February 1, 1709 Alexander Selkirk a Scottish sailor was rescued from there. He was put ashore by his captain with whom he had quarreled. This was in 1709 and the choice of being put ashore was Alexander’s. It is believed that Alexander Selkirk was the inspiration for Robinson Crusoe.
Feb 1st is now commemorated as Robinson Crusoe day.

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