can also,cannot also go back to school

back to school

king’s college chapel, cambridge 1446-1515.

No more pencils,no more books

No more teachers dirty looks.

we sang that when we left school. My little cousin is more upset that she had her last ever holiday as she finishes med-school this year.

Yet going back to school would be fun, but some how in India we are not yet into it.

I did go back to learning though with two courses one on medical writing and one on medico-legal practise.

I find a lot of my friends going back for a complete change in career. They find that the faculty treats them with deference and to their younger classmates they are the bridge between the generations so they tend to be advisors and confidants.

I remember my mom telling me that when she went back to school after 10yrs of being a housewife, there were a set of students who would sit behind her and two more women like her as the bachelor faculty would not look in their direction it meant these students could have a snooze.

Maybe we are finding ourselves now.

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