mithrasamaj– it actually means group of friends.

savouries from my hometown ie. savouries from my childhood.

The temple town of Udupi is my hometown we all have our share of eateries with each one known for their delicacies.

Ram Bhavan with its buns.

The restraunt Diana with its north Indian flair. My favorite order used to be Bombay cutlet and cold horlicks. I never realize how staple my order was until after couple of years after my marriage when I went there the waiter just brought it for me and then bothered about others orders.

In the temple square we have Mithrasamaj. As kids thursday meant the great expectation of eating here! My father’s brother used to take us there. They made traditional cuisine with no onion or garlic.This is maintained the day. Their golibaje’s are best even better than mummy made, and Badam Halwa is to die for.

During pregnancy I had a craving to eat it, and the cook actually made it specially for me, and did not charge us for it, for he was flattered by my craving.

Making golibajje is of course every easy.


1 cup all purpose flour(maida)

2-3 green chillies

1 tbsp of curry leaves finely cut

1 tsp. of coriander leaves finely cut

2 tsps of finely cut cashew.

asafoetida a pinch

salt to taste

curd to bind.

oil for deep frying.

Mix all the ingredients, drop of spoon full of the mixture into hot oil and deep fry. till golden brown. This is traditionally eaten with coconut chutney.

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