Sharada was the youngest of the three siblings. Older brother sathyanarayana was the unofficial head of the village while the younger of her older brothers’ suryanarayana was a kind of spiritual guru. He claimed vision and self-realization.
Sharada being more aggressive and gregarious of the three always felt if she was a boy she would have beaten the boys in terms of fame, name and money. But true to the Tulu tradition, she was married off at the age of twenty-three, to Satish, the quite university teacher who was five years her senior.
During one of her evening walks to the local temple she saw a crowd and a person talking.
“We are here on this earth to realize our Karma’s, from here we move on to the next plane.”
The voice was very reassuring.
“Excuse me”
“I am troubled will swamiji listen to me?”
“Of course, he is here to guide us all come, meet him.”
The room was cool with fragrance of sandalwood wafting from a nearby lamp. Behind Swamiji was the framed picture of his guruji. Beside him sat men and women in white.
“Even if it troubles given by your mother-in-law, daughter-in-law. It is your Karma that is making you experience this. If you have lost a child, remember this has happened to greater souls like Yashoda and Devaki, but when the time was right they gave birth to the divine mother and Lord Krishna.”
Sharada felt that swamiji had recognized her and was addressing her specific trouble. She felt very calm and ordained for greater heights like yashoda and Devaki. As she came out she was handed the pamphlet of the ashram. They had courses on spirituality. She knew she had found her calling.
From the beginners to the advanced, to healers Sharada moved on, she gave profound discourses to the women of the neighbourhood, who looked up to her and spiritual enhancement. Supriya lost her father; Sharada’s spiritual guidance helped her out of the loss. Sherpa had in-law trouble the Karmic cycle explained by sharada took her ahead. Shraddha, Savita so on so forth. But Sharada’s circle did not go beyond this.
She knew to attain her ambition, it was like a being a big fish in a small pond. She needed to find the pond that will get her to be the right size of fish. But the pond had to have the water canals to take her to the bigger rivers.

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