6 essential things you need to recover from serious illness

Excellent guideline this worked for me.

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Getting past a serious or chronic illness can seem like a daunting or even impossible task. When you are home alone with your thoughts, aches and pains the world can seem like a lonely place. Here are six tips that will help you with your symptoms and hasten healing.

1. Your environment should be as free as possible from stress causing factors. Anything that induces anxiety including newspapers, violent films, the news on TV and negative people is not conducive to healing. Surround yourself with positive people, watch comedies, play with your children or pets, whatever makes you smile. Tell people close to that you only want to talk about upbeat things whilst you are recovering. This may involve rather uncomfortable talks with close ones but they will understand if they want you to get well.

2. Take some control back by accepting responsibility for your recovery. Becoming involved in your…

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